Big Data and Public Health in Shenzhen for MASS Design Group

As a pilot project for MASS Design’s research group and using data collected by Prof. Danil Nagy of Columbia University, I wrote a piece of interactive software that allows users to visualize the “destressing” of a spatialized graph of healthspaces based on user-weighted parameters that define an ideal network.

I used Danil’s massive Sina Weibo (“Chinese Twitter”) dataset to analyze spatial and linguistic data about the behavior of Weibo users in the Hong Kong/Shenzhen metro region, specifically those who published comments from or about healthspaces. Future work in this project will choose a US region of interest to MASS and perform a similar analysis of a split metro region with a similar administrative division in its health infrastructure.

Collection Credits

Boston FOIA Redesign

James Moffet
Erica Pincus
Jon Truong
Thad Kerosky
Jackie Chea

Outvote App
James Moffet
Nadeem Mazen
Naseem Makiya
Lizzie Devane

Critical Mass
James Moffet
Morgan Starkey
Alexander Tepper

All Else
James Moffet