Collaborative Mapping with MIT CoLab

A Peer Discovery Tool for Community Organizers

Visit Mapping Democracy in Action to view the demo.

As a contract user research manager for the MIT Community Innovators Lab, I led a team of 12 researchers, designers and developers. The team conducted field and remote user research with 1,200 grassroots democratic organizing groups across the country. We designed, developed and deployed (4 week sprint) a collaborative mapping tool to help related groups discover each other and connect.

Collection Credits

Boston FOIA Redesign

James Moffet
Erica Pincus
Jon Truong
Thad Kerosky
Jackie Chea
James Moffet
Nadeem Mazen
Naseem Makiya
Lizzie Devane

Critical Mass
James Moffet
Morgan Starkey
Alexander Tepper

All Else
James Moffet