Extensible and Open Source Tools for Civic Engagement

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With funding from the Harvard School of Design Service Fellowship, in collaboration with City Councillor Nadeem Mazen and his design firm, Nimblebot, I developed a suite of software tools for strengthening municipal civic engagement. We did intensive user research with civil society organizations and ultimately created tools that allow them to easily pull data from government websites and deliver it to their constituencies via low-touch, high-engagement channels, such as SMS, with one afternoon of technical volunteer labor.

Collection Credits

Boston FOIA Redesign

James Moffet
Erica Pincus
Jon Truong
Thad Kerosky
Jackie Chea

Outvote App
James Moffet
Nadeem Mazen
Naseem Makiya
Lizzie Devane

Critical Mass
James Moffet
Morgan Starkey
Alexander Tepper

All Else
James Moffet