OpenLab Public Design Workshops

Founded OpenLab Public Design Lab, a space for coaching and mentoring city service prototyping in collaboration with FabLab Budapest, Central European University and Milestone Academy. OpenLab is one half of a Fulbright research initiative aimed at understanding the opportunities and obstacles for open, public prototyping of community services. OpenLab is a small, flexible design learning and digital fabrication space operating out of FabLab Budapest in Budapest, Hungary. OpenLab connects students, community organizers, professionals and academics with the community at large in a space that focuses on fostering artistic, technological and civic progress through the act of making.

Collection Credits

Boston FOIA Redesign

James Moffet
Erica Pincus
Jon Truong
Thad Kerosky
Jackie Chea

Outvote App
James Moffet
Nadeem Mazen
Naseem Makiya
Lizzie Devane

Critical Mass
James Moffet
Morgan Starkey
Alexander Tepper

All Else
James Moffet