Outvote app white-labeled as "Vote Joe" for Joe Biden!

Outvote has recently rebranded as Impactive! I joined Outvote in 2017, after the existing founders and I had built similar prototype apps and testing them during the 2017 local elections in Cambridge, MA. Outvote incorporated in May of 2018, shortly after being accepted to the prestigious Silicon Valley startup incubator, Y Combinator.

I wore many hats during this time, building pitch decks, websites, doing market research and sales calls, in addition to being the lead front-end engineer and primary product and UX manager. I helped to quickly spin up and manage an award-winning technology and product team. During the midterm cycle in 2018, I designed a double-blind, randomized controlled trial and executed it on millions of messages sent and received by hundreds of thousand of people. In 2018, the Outvote app was white-labeled as the Vote.org app and in 2019, the v2.0 Outvote app was white-labeled as the Vote Joe app for Joe Biden's primary and general campaigns.

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