Product Management and Data Strategy

Bootstrapping Tech Innovation for SEIU

At SEIU, I built a user-centered design and engineering team from the ground up. My team replaced decades-old software that handled all critical financial and membership data. We conducted a modular deployment over 9 months. We ultimately delivered software that was on time and under budget. From the earliest stages of design, I balanced the needs of both internal and external users. The final product increased net revenue by more than 8% and reduced dues billing errors by more than 90%. As a consultant, I deployed the product at locals across the country with similar success.

Collection Credits

Boston FOIA Redesign

James Moffet
Erica Pincus
Jon Truong
Thad Kerosky
Jackie Chea
James Moffet
Nadeem Mazen
Naseem Makiya
Lizzie Devane

Critical Mass
James Moffet
Morgan Starkey
Alexander Tepper

All Else
James Moffet